Friday, May 13, 2011

for my daughter

I had an amazing night to say the least. I even slept for 2 hours! 
I awoke to an amazing Vision..
It was You were stepping on the Red Carpet  at the Opening of our film looking outstanding with your Sinatra hat tight jeans and Wing tip shoes....
You had an electric smile and you were waving the Queen's wave.
Oh. and Childhood (by Beach House) was playing in the back ground....

I was awake but when i went to turn the lights on the switch didn't work.

I also awoke to this odd realization about Shorty. 
I realized he did something that all of the" Kings Horses"
and all of the "Kings Men" could not do....... 
he put "humpty" back together again!

The beauty is every where and all i can do is cry streaming tears of Joy.

Enjoy your day. All else is madness. 

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