Tuesday, April 26, 2011


So, I just returned from dinner with an old work colleague. Wonderful dialog.
Mostly about her 15 day photo safari through the back country of Ethiopia.
An out of the ordinary experience filled with all that life is.
She shared of the three generations of woman doing a bridal dance
 adorned with bone bracelets and the garb of indigenous people.

The food was good, the wine was great
but seeing this beautiful and brilliant being glow as she spoke and
the joy she was feeling as she conveyed the essence of what she saw was immeasurable.

But measure it i did! I went for a 6 lap 45 minute walk around the lake just breathing and moving to the silently screaming rhythm of a distant South African dance. She gave me a spark.
 My walking meditation was the fanning. The beauty is lingering and the fire is ablaze.

Such is the power of 'going for a walk'. 

I read Thoreau much of my life but today i connected to Him. Read his essay on Walking.

Sometimes i walk and make believe i am Harry Potter and my body is my wand and six laps around creates a spell on the lake and leaves behind and uplifting energy to anyone who enters the path. 
Don't make fun till you have tried it. Contempt prior to investigation is unwise.

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